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  • Logitech G910

    With the new Romer-G switches from Logitech, you can be sure that you will have fast actuation. Not happy with a single colour? The G910 also has RGB capabilities!

  • Key Caps, Wristrests and more!

    See our collection of novelty key caps, key cap sets, key cap pullers, wristrests and more!

  • CM Storm Quickfire Stealth

    Whatever your tastes, Cooler Master has a model of keyboards for you. From the basic, professional Quickfire XT, the slick and intimidating Quickfire Stealth, the affordable backlit Quickfire TK and the solidly built Quickfire Trigger. CM Storm has a keyboard suited to you.

  • Corsair K95

    Sporting an unique open top aluminium finish, Corsair continues a long tradition of producing quality computer components with their series of mechanical keyboards. Corsair brings their expertise in making quality computer components straight to your fingertips.

  • Das Keyboard Professional Model S

    Type faster and in comfort with a Das Keyboard. Designed by geeks, refined by professionals, enjoyed by everyone. The Das Keyboard Professional is the ultimate in functionality with style. Sporting an unique finish and available in a variety of different switches to suit every finger.

  • Deck Hassium Pro

    Deck by TG3 Electronics, one of the largest and oldest manufacturers in the world. Traditionally a manufacturer of keyboard for factories, Police patrol vehicles and hospitals, TG3 brings it's wealth of knowledge in manufacturing keyboards that last to bring you Deck, the last keyboard you'll ever need.

  • Filco Majestouch MINILA Air – Compact and Wireless

    Have you ever wished that you could free your mechanical keyboard from its wires? Take it with you everywhere? Pair it with your favourite android or apple phone or tablet? Well now, you can. Introducing the Filco MINILA Air, bringing you all the comfort of a mechanical keyboard over Bluetooth in a compact frame. Perfect for those on the go.

  • KP Paradise V60 Mini

    Boasting of a Dual LED design and available in hard to find Cherry MX switch variants, KP Paradise produces feature-rich mechanical keyboards tailored to the mechanical keyboard enthusiast.

  • Leopold FC700R

    The Leopold FC700R epitomises Leopold's philosophy in mixing Korean know-how and consumer research to produce a high quality TenKeyLess mechanical keyboard. Lauded for it's clean aesthetic and durable design. Leopold keyboard are clean, simple and built to last.

  • Azio Levetron Mech5

    Innovative, modular, customisable. Nothing symbolises Azio more than the Levetron Mech5. With modular detachable Numpad and a macro keys overhang, the Azio Levetron Mech5 is the perfect gaming keyboard no matter what you have to work with.

  • MAX Keyboards Nighthawk x8

    coming in a variety of LED colours and packed full of extras, the MAX Keyboard is perfect for those looking for a quality backlit mechanical keyboard in a range of colours. MAX Keyboards also produces a wide range of accessories.

  • Matias Tactile Pro

    Bring back the glory days with the Matias line of mechanical keyboards. With key switches inspired by venerable Apple Extended's Alps switch and featuring configurations dedicated to MAC, a Matias Keyboard is the perfect choice for a MAC user looking to get their mechanical fix. PC versions ensure PC users don't have to miss out.

  • Mionix Zibal 60

    The Mionix Zibal 60 is built with gamers in mind. With non-tactile, Cherry MX Black switches to ensure fast and smooth actuations every time, a green backlight so you can play in the dark and a 2-port USB Hub and Audio/Microphone extensions for your other gaming peripherals.

  • Any repair, any project

    Individual Cherry MX Keyswitches, mandatory for repair or project work on any mechanical keyboard. Now available at MechKB.

  • Topre Type Heaven

    Heaven on your fingers doesn't need to break your wallet. Introducing the Type Heaven from Topre, the pinnacle of mechanical switch design. Designed and engineered in Japan, Topre has a long and proud history of producing the best in quality keyboards and components.

  • Thermaltake Meka G1

    Thermaltake eSports series, built to conquer, designed with gamers in mind.

  • Vortex Pure Pro

    Vortex, makers of specialised mechanical keyboards. Combining with mechanical keyboard enthusiast communities in Korea and Taiwan, Vortex brings you an unique series of high quality compact, TenKeyLess and Double-Shot PBT products.

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We sell quality Mechanical / Gaming Keyboards to the Australia region

At MechKB, we are experts in Mechanical Keyboards, we sell all sorts of keyboards with cherry switches: Deck keyboards, Azio keyboards, Das keyboards, Logitech mechanical keyboards, MAX keyboards and many more. We also sell LED-backlit keyboards and keyboards supporting N-Key roll-over via USB. So whichever mechanical keyboard you are thinking of getting for your computer, insist on MechKB.

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